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The American lobster, Homarus Americanus, is a species of lobster found on the Atlantic coast of North America, primarily from Labrador to New Jersey. It is also known as the true lobster, northern lobster, or Maine lobster. Lobsters typically reach 8–24 inches long and weigh 1–9 pounds, but have been known to weigh as much as 44 lb!

Lobsters are usually boiled or steamed. Hard-shell lobsters (lobsters that are several months past their last molt) can survive out of water for up to four or five days if kept refrigerated. Soft-shell lobsters (lobsters that have only recently molted) do not survive more than a few hours out of water. Lobsters can be tricky to eat… A set of nutcrackers and a long, thin tool for pulling meat from inaccessible areas are suggested as basics, although more experienced diners can eat the animal with their bare hands or a knife, fork, or rock. Eating a lobster can get messy, and most restaurants offer a lobster bib. Meat is generally contained in the larger claws and tails, and stays warm quite a while after being served. There is some meat in the legs and in the arms that connect the claws to the body. The pickiest of lobster fanatics also find a small amount of meat just below the carapace around the thorax and in the smaller legs.

Maine offers many options for finding a perfect lobster meal. Check out our web page, “The Area“, where you can locate some of our finest selections of restaurants and establishments in the area that serve the finest fish anywhere in the world!  Maine also has many activities that celebrate the Maine lobster such as “The Maine Lobster Festival“.

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